FORUM on Friday

Films and forum at DOM POLSKI CENTRE, 230 Angas St, Adelaide City, 6pm, Friday, 6-02-2015

Dear Friends

Dom Polski Centre has offered its Club Hall for a series of evenings to present and discuss topics of interest to you – real people living in a real world.

To start with, I wish to invite you to the screening of two short films about absolutely sensational achievements of Polish scientific thought of recent months (in the area of nanotechnology).

The first one, from 6pm-6.30pm is in English with Polish subtitles

and the second, longer film, for those technically gifted (unfortunately only in Polish*) will be screened from 7.30-8.30pm.


During the break (6.30-7.30pm) with my colleague Peter Lesniewski – we invite you to a brainstorming chat about an emerging program, beyond the earlier focus of the Dom Polski Centre extended not just to technical evenings but to presentations, quizes, games and prizes, in English in areas such as:


* Social Contacts (with evenings like: “Learn Polish (language) in 1hour”, “How to make fermented foods and drinks – with tasting” or “Let’s dance and sing Polish folk – with demos”),

* Professional Contacts (with: “Recent Inventions in Science & Tech”, “Jobs and education – ideas and experiences”, “Health foods – truth and myths”

* History & Ethnicity (“New DNA research and the origins of Slavs”, ”How to find Polish roots in anyone’s family tree with a glimpse of Heraldry”)

* Spiritual World (“The meaning of the Holy Spirit and the Tree of Life”, “Who really is Derren Brown?”).


Your input, advice and further contribution is important to us.

We welcome students, young professionals and people with any interesting HOBBY.

Often this is the best way to achieve unrestricted professional exchange of ideas, not easy through textbooks. We invite all interested and not just those technically gifted!

Absolutely all are welcome at DOM POLSKI CENTRE (DPAC-club hall) at 230 Angas St Adelaide City.

FORUM on Friday, 6-02-2015 START 6PM


Jan Rutkowski (DPAC Committee Member).

Admission gold coin.

Since this is club environment, non-DPAC members need to sign into our Guestbook.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions: mob. 0415541385.