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New, 2017:
Operational Procedures of Dom Polski Society Coop Ltd and Dom Polski Arts Club:
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DPS-DPAC Operational Procedures – Dec 2015 edit 2017


Framework for Dom Polski Centre (‘Polish’) user groups

download agreement here: Agreement DPAC Groups 2015


Dom Polski welcomes guest user groups who actively implement goals which are in accordance with DPS Rules (v.4, Nov 2011). All such groups must register with the DP Board by specifying their membership and activities to avoid standard fees for using DP premises.
User groups must accept the principal condition that any cultural activity must be matched by a ground work such as administration, cleaning and maintenance. Since there are no DP volunteers available to serve user groups in that way, each group has to pay a general wear and tear fee for each visit. The fee for groups of 20 or more is $50, or $2 per attendee for smaller gatherings. Those fees are only waived for user groups where a DP volunteer is their sponsoring member. All groups have free access to the new small kitchen d/s but may not use the large commercial kitchen d/s.
Dom Polski is not responsible for finances or tax affairs of any user groups

Group categories and other conditions:

  1. Special interest groups using DPC regularly (non Arts-Club groups)
    DPS permits use of designated areas at low cost to non-profit groups under conditions described in the Introduction. A separate, annual fee shall be charged for exclusive occupation of any designated areas (eg for equipment storage etc.)
    Commercial public events organized by such groups require using standard hall hire form and would attract standard hire fees with a 50% discount.
    Examples:  Seniors Club, Polish Theatre “Stary”, Tatry Folklore Ensemble, Polish Cultural Society presentations, Polish language classes, Debutantes Ball etc.
  2. Special interest groups of DPAC members using DPC regularly
    Dom Polski Arts-Club (DPAC) User Groups comprising at least three DPAC members (and no more than 50% of non-members/guests) are permitted to use designated areas for meetings at no cost other than the related professional cleaning as described in the Introduction.
    Names and activities of the group must be outlined in the signed, approved Annual Agreement for DPAC User Groups (ref. next page).
    DPAC members receive $1 discount in the DP bars and their groups shall receive endorsement in approved own grant applications.
    Example: Music Group “Ad Libitum” (Grupa ‘Bez Nazwy’)


-  ‘Polish’ denotes groups with the same aims as outlined in the DP Rules.
-  Members of a user group are not regarded current DP volunteers and are not covered by DP insurance
and do not receive transport reimbursement.
-  External groups and DP Groups ‘1’ and ‘2’ wishing to organize a public event outside the terms of the above
agreements with DP will receive the same 50% discount on hall hire as registered ‘Polish’ groups but they also have
to fill in the hall hire form and refund the cost of professional cleaning.

draft: 16/10/15, upd 3/11/15, final 12/11/15



2016 NOTICE of Dom Polski Society Coop
The Board of Dom Polski in Adelaide informs its shareholders that there will be five vacant ‘Director of the Board’ positions that the Dom Polski Society Co-op Ltd should fill at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, to be held on Sunday, 27 November 2016 at 3pm.
Members are invited and encouraged to nominate suitable candidates for election as Directors.  Nominations must be lodged at the office of the Society not later than by close of DP business, 4pm, Fri. 4.11.2016. Nomination forms as well as the outline of the Directors role, duties and responsibilities can be obtained from Dom Polski office, during office hours.
A nomination must be signed by two Members of the Society and provide:
– Signed Declaration including Candidate’s name and address
– Details of the qualifications and experience of the person nominated and
– A signed notice confirming that the candidate agrees to his or her nomination.
                       signed Mr Krzysztof Lichon, Chairman and  Piotr Lesniewski, Secretary

Zawiadomienie Zarzadu Kooperatywy Domu Polskiego w Adelajdzie.
Zarzad zawiadamia udzialowcow ze bedzie 5 wakatow na pozycje Dyrektora zarzadu ktore beda do obsadzenia na nadchodzacym Rocznym Walnym Zebraniu, w niedziele 27 listopada 2016 o godz 15.00.
Udzialowcy sa proszeni o skladanie nominacji dla odpowiednich kandydatow na pozycje Dyrektorow. Nominacje musza byc zlozone w biurze kooperatywy nie pozniej niz do godz 16.00 w piatek dnia 4 listopada 2016. Formularze nominacji oraz opis roli dyroktorow i ich obowiazkow sa diostepne w biurze Domu Polskiego w czasie godzin pracy od 10-jaro do 4 po poludniu.
Nominacja musi byc podpisana przez dwoch innych czlonkow kooperatywy i musi zawierac:
– podpisana deklaracja kandydata z jego pelnym nazwiskiem i adresem,
– informacja o jego kwalifikacjach i doswiadczeniu, i
– podpis kandydata ze zgadza sie na nominacje
                            Podpisane przez Prezesa p. Krzysztofa  Lichon, i  Sekretarza p. Piotra Lesniewskiego

Note: in the last week of Oct 2016 all shareholders with correct addresses should receive mailed notice of the forthcoming AGM on 27/11/16, starting at 3pm (registration 2pm).
Shareholders leaving at the same address receive one common letter.
Those who have not received their letter may pick spare printouts incl. proxy forms from the office of Dom Polski.

Download (PDF, 34KB)

Attention all Shareholders, Families and dedicated supporters:
Zarzad Domu Polskiego zaprasza wszystkich udzialowców i osoby zainteresowane do wziecia udzialu w zebraniu iformacyjno dyskusyjnym na temat aktualnej i przyszlej  dzialalnosci Domu Polskiego. Zebranie odbedzie sie w Domu Polskim w niedziele 16 pazdziernika o godzinie 15.30 15.00, bezposrednio po Sunday Lunch.
The Board of Directors of Dom Polski Society Coop Ltd invites shareholders and all interested to take part in a discussion meeting about the current and future activity of Dom Polski Centre.
The meeting will be held at Dom Polski, 230 Angas St., from 3.30pm changed to 3pm on Sun 16/10/16 straight after the Sunday Lunch!
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

N O T I C E:

Click here to download spare proxy forms:     2015 AGM proxy forms only

Zarzad Domu Polskiego zawiadamia ze Doroczne Walne Zebranie odbedzie sie w niedziele 22.11.15. o godz. 15.00  w centralnym Domu Polskim 232 Angas St., Adelaide.
Rejestracja czlonków od 14.00.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of the Dom Polski Society Co-op Ltd
will be held in Dom Polski Centre, 232 Angas St., ADELAIDE, on Sunday, 22nd Nov 2015, at 3.00 pm.
Registrations will commence at 2.00 pm.
2015 AGM Notice, with Agenda & Proxy Form, will be mailed to shareholders in thefirst week of November.
Members who wish to stand for election to the Board may pick nomination forms from Dom Polski office (lodgement strictly by 4pm on 2/11/15)Members who have not received the notice may collect it and proxy form/s from DP office.

Members are required to let DP office about their current postal address.

For the Board of Directors,
Peter Lesniewski, Secretary                             Boleslawa Szen, Chairperson

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

odetnij tutaj i zarejestruj w biurze CDP                cut here and register at Dom Polski,  232 Angas St, Adelaide SA

I/We______________________________________________ of______________________________________


in the State of _____________________ Tel.: ___________________­­­­­­_________Email:____________________

being member/s of the Dom Polski Society Co-op Ltd hereby

appoint________________________________________ of _________________________________________

as my/our proxy and to vote for me and on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Society to be held on
the 22nd day of November 2015 at 3pm and any adjournment thereof.

Signed ____________________________ this ______ day of __________________ 2015.


All proxy forms must be lodged in the registered office of the Dom Polski Society Co-op Ltd 232 Angas St, Adelaide SA by no later then 4pm, Friday 20th  November 2015.
A person must not act as a proxy unless he or she is an active member of the co-operative [176(4a)]

SPARE PROXY FORMS (rhs click then ‘save link as’): 2015 AGM proxy forms only


Refurbished Reception Room on level 1 is ready for bookings.

You can organise your private event such as:

Birthday Party, “40”, “50”, “60” – Wedding Anniversary

any other function in variety of settings

150 +150 guests in theatre style
110 + 110 cocktail parties
90 +90 seated at the tables

For more information and booking call

(08) 8223 3884

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